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Finding the Best Deals: Where to Buy Landscaping Boulders

Best Places to Buy Landscaping Boulders

To find the most affordable and high-quality landscaping boulders, turn to this section on the best places to purchase them. You’ll discover a range of options for buying these boulders, including local nurseries and garden centers, online retailers, landscaping suppliers with bulk discounts, and specialty stone suppliers.

Local Nurseries and Garden Centers

Local nurseries and garden centers are great for finding landscaping boulders for your outdoor projects. They specialize in supplying plants, trees, and other outdoor items to homeowners and professionals. Their selection includes everything you need, such as rocks that suit any theme.

  • These stores offer knowledgeable staff to help determine which boulders will work best for your design.
  • They carry natural stone products like river rock, flagstone, and lava rock.
  • Some even provide delivery services, so you don’t have to transport the boulders yourself.
  • You can view different sizes and styles of boulders before purchasing them.
  • They stock both large boulders for showpiece features, and smaller accent rocks for pathways or flower beds.
  • Local nurseries offer competitive prices, making it easy to narrow down costs and get quality products.

Looking for something rare? Local nurseries make finding custom sources of landscape rocks easier than larger stores. I heard from one backyard enthusiast who used these rocks to create an accent feature around her fire pit. The staff pointed her to reliable suppliers, and she got high-quality boulders at competitive prices. So, forget the gym and get your boulders online – lifting rocks is the real workout!

Online Retailers

Want to buy landscaping boulders? Online stores are convenient and accessible! Unique shapes, sizes and colors are available. Here are some top retailers to consider:

  • Rockery Stone – Offers many different types from all over the world.
  • Home Depot – Has a range of landscaping boulders, in various sizes and weights.
  • Natural Stone Distributors – Locations across the US, providing quality boulders at competitive prices.
  • The Rock Place – Nashville, Tennessee based, with decorative boulders for landscaping and construction projects.

Delivery services are often provided directly to your doorstep. Ordering online can save time and money. Pro Tip: Measure the area first, to avoid sizing mistakes. Bulk discounts make boulders boulder-ing!

Landscaping Suppliers with Bulk Discounts

Turn your property into an eye-catching masterpiece with the right tools and resources. Landscaping boulders bring an aesthetic to outdoor spaces. Here are 3 suppliers where you can buy bulk boulders:

  1. Rock Mountain Products – 50 years of landscaping experience. Offers various boulders in different shapes and sizes. Plus custom sizes and delivery services.
  2. Southwest Boulder & Stone – Unique rock designs for commercial and residential projects. 7 locations across Southern California and Arizona. Bulk purchase discounts available.
  3. The Rock Place at Nashville, Tennessee – Cobbles, water features and decorative stones at competitive prices.

Tip: Buy large boulders for your landscaping project – they require little effort to move around. Quality products from trusted suppliers make the process easier and more cost-effective.

Specialty Stone Suppliers

Specialty stone suppliers are just the place for those seeking landscaping boulders. They offer an array of unique, high-quality stones to enhance any garden or outdoor area. There’s a vast selection of natural stones, so customers have plenty of choices to meet their needs.

Plus, these suppliers give expert advice and recommendations on how to use the boulders. This personalized guidance helps customers get the most out of their purchase.

If you want to elevate your garden’s beauty or add a natural element to your outdoor space, visit the suppliers’ websites or showrooms. Explore your options and give your surroundings a new look! And don’t forget: make sure you’re not accidentally creating a Flintstones-inspired backyard.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Landscaping Boulders

To consider the most important factors while purchasing landscaping boulders, focus on the section ‘Factors to Consider Before Buying Landscaping Boulders’ with the title ‘Finding the Best Deals: Where to Buy Landscaping Boulders’. The sub-sections – size and weight of boulders, color and material of boulders, delivered or pick-up, installation and placement will provide you with the perfect solution to find the best deals available.

Size and Weight of Boulders

Size and weight are two key factors when selecting landscaping boulders. They come in various sizes and weights, with each offering unique advantages for your project. We have created a table to show the most common options:

Size Weight Best For
Small 50-150 lbs Ground coverage, edging
Medium 150-500 lbs Focal points, water features
Large 500+ lbs Retaining walls, natural barriers

Please note that these weight ranges are just estimates. The actual size and weight of each boulder can differ based on its composition and shape.

In addition to size and weight, you should also consider color and texture when deciding on boulders. These elements can affect the overall look.

Hearing from people who have gone through the process before can help. An example is a client I once worked with. She wanted to use small boulders as ground coverage, but changed her mind after seeing how larger boulders could add dimension and interest to her yard.

Choosing the perfect boulders is like picking an outfit for a first date – it’s all about making a good impression.

Color and Material of Boulders

Landscaping with boulders can give any outdoor space a natural touch. Color and material selection will affect the overall look. Here’s what to know:

Color Material
Gray Gneiss, Granite, Limestone, Quartzite
Brown/Tan Sandstone, Moss Rock, Granite
Red/Burgundy Sandstone, Lava Rock, Basalt, Jasper

Pick colors and materials that suit the setting. Gray rocks won’t fit in a warm-toned environment, while red boulders may not match cool tones. Consider the usage too. Soft limestone may not be great for high-traffic spaces.

Did you know that landscaping with boulders has been a thing for hundreds of years? Ancient gardens in China and Japan often include boulders in the design.

Order or pick-up your boulders, but make sure you don’t construct a Stonehenge replica in your driveway!

Delivered or Pick-up

When it comes to purchasing landscaping boulders, you may have a choice between pick-up and delivery. Each has its advantages.

  • Pick-up: You’ll need a vehicle to transport the boulders. You’ll also need to find a spot where you can load them. Pick-up is ideal for those with experience handling heavy items or access to help.
  • Delivery: The boulders will be brought to you directly by a professional service. This is ideal for those without a suitable vehicle or wanting to avoid the hassle of loading.
  • Cost: The cost depends on distance, size and weight of the boulders, and the service provider. Delivery may be pricier due to transportation fees, but this option may save time and effort in the long run.
  • Availability: Not all suppliers offer both pick-up and delivery options, so check first.
  • Safety: Always consider safety when dealing with heavy boulders. If you choose pick-up, make sure you have proper safety gear and follow guidelines for lifting. If delivery, ensure the service provider follows safe transportation measures.

Think about other factors too. For example, if you live in an area with limited parking, delivery could be easier. Also, consider how much time you might want while installing your landscape project – delivery could save energy.

Consult with your supplier for suggestions about transportation, storage and placement before you decide. In the end, choose the option that works best for you – pick-up or delivery. Remember, it’s not just where you put the boulder, it’s how you rock it.

Installation and Placement

Installing and placing boulders for landscaping may seem tricky. But it can be done with the right steps! Here’s a 5-step guide:

  1. Prep the area. Measure your yard, clear any debris or obstacles, and mark where you want to place the boulders.
  2. Choose the right size and shape. Select boulders that are proportional to your surroundings. Bigger yards need larger boulders, while smaller yards benefit from smaller rocks.
  3. Create depth and dimension. Place larger boulders in the back and stack smaller ones toward the front. A mix of sizes creates visual interest and security.
  4. Use as accents or focal points. Boulders make great focal points next to flowers or water features. Or use them to line paths or edge gardens.
  5. Securely install them. Dig holes around three-quarters of the rocks’ depth. Backfill with sand for even weight distribution.

Spacing between each rock is crucial. Leave enough room to make them look intentionally placed. Get this décor addition looking polished for years to come by planning well before buying – or save money by using your neighbor’s free alternative!

Tips for Saving Money on Landscaping Boulders

To save money on landscaping boulders with this section titled “Tips for Saving Money on Landscaping Boulders”, you have four sub-sections to consider. “Buy in Bulk” can help you get a better deal while “Shop Off-Season” can offer discounts. “Look for Sales and Discounts” can save you money as can considering “Alternative Materials”.

Buy in Bulk

Want to save money on landscaping boulders? Buy in bulk! Here are 3 tips to follow:

  • Compare prices. Check different suppliers for the best deal.
  • Choose the right size. Decide which size of boulders you need.
  • Coordinate delivery. Plan ahead to avoid extra charges.

Consider the color and shape when buying in bulk. Variety of colors and shapes can give a unique look without breaking the bank.

HomeAdvisor says one ton of boulders costs $100-$700. Research prices before making any purchases. Grab a discount on landscaping boulders – like buying a bikini in winter!

Shop Off-Season

Score big on landscaping boulders by shopping off-season! Three tips to keep in mind:

  • Check stock availability. Winter or early spring is a great time to buy, since not many people are looking for them.
  • Ask your contractor if they offer discounts. Many do when it’s not peak season.
  • Buy now and benefit from a flexible timeline. Contractors have more free time when it’s not peak season.

Remember, certain kinds of boulders might be harder to find or costlier at certain times. Research and plan ahead so you don’t miss out on great savings!

Look for Sales and Discounts

Want to save cash on buying landscaping boulders? Here are some tips to help you find great savings for your next outdoor project.

  • Check online stores for deals and discounts. Compare prices from different retailers for bigger savings.
  • Check local nurseries and home improvement stores for discounted items, closeouts, or seasonal sales.
  • Join a landscaping or gardening group in your area. These groups can offer exclusive discounts and organize bulk purchases.
  • Take advantage of clearance sales during off-peak seasons like fall or winter. Prices usually drop due to lower demand.

Think outside the box – repurpose existing stones or boulders. You may already have rocks you can reuse, especially if you live in a rocky area. Not only does this save money but also adds a unique touch to your outdoor space.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative and look out for deals on boulders. Enjoy a stunning yard without breaking the bank! Say goodbye to heavy lifting and hello to affordable landscaping.

Consider Alternative Materials

For landscaping, boulders are commonly used for their aesthetic. Yet, they can be costly depending on size and type. Consider alternatives to get a similar look without breaking the bank!

  • Recycled glass or plastic instead of traditional rocks. Different colors and sizes, plus lightweight for easy installation.
  • Place larger rocks on bottom, smaller ones on top for an illusion of depth.
  • Choose local materials to reduce shipping costs.
  • Faux rocks from foam boards or Styrofoam sheets, cut into desired shapes and painted.

Shop around for landscaping suppliers and compare prices. Did you know that boulders were sacred in some cultures? In Japan, they were boundary markers called ‘ishi no ue.’ These stones weren’t moved unless necessary, as it was believed it would anger spirits. Save money on landscaping boulders – just use these tips!


Landscaping boulders add character to the outdoors. Prices vary from supplier to supplier. Compare prices at local and online stores to get the best deal. Researching for discounts and free delivery can save you big. Remember size, weight, and delivery timeline when buying. Home Depot has great deals starting from $19/each – ideal for tight budgets.

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