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Best Lawn Mower – Greenworks 16″ Cordless

When my traditional stopped working I decided to try an eco-friendly option. After some looking around I settled on the Greenworks 40V 16″ cordless push lawn mower. This seemed like a great fit for my average-sized house yard, and it didn’t disappoint.

best lawn mower


  • good battery life
  • adequate power for average lawns
  • quiet


  • only comes with 1 battery as standard
  • thicker grass may need multiple passes

Easy to use

Firstly, the cordless design of this mower is a game-changer. No more wrestling with tangled cords or worrying about gas refills. It provides the freedom to move around the yard effortlessly, tackling every corner without restraint. The lightweight construction adds to the convenience, allowing me to maneuver it with ease, even in tight spots or on uneven terrain.

No more noise

One of the standout features is obviously, the quiet operation of this mower. Unlike its noisy gas-powered counterparts, it hums along discreetly, making early morning or late evening mowing sessions a peaceful experience for both me and my neighbors. And with no emissions, this is perfect for my environment-conscious family.

Battery life

My biggest concern with going battery powered was the battery life. Would I would be able to cut my grass on one battery without having to charge it? I found the Greenworks 40V to be quite reliable for my modest-sized lawn. It could power through the whole yard in one battery. However, for larger yards, investing in an extra battery might be a wise decision to avoid interruptions mid-mow. I purchased one after the fact as a backup just in case. However, this is a minor cost is far outweighed by the convenience of battery power.


best lawn mower

While this lawn mower excels at handling regular lawn maintenance, there is a noticeable drop in power when dealing with heavier or thicker grass. I tried it on some longer, paddock grass to test its power. To achieve a beautiful finish I needed roll over it a few extra times. As you would expect, the battery drained quicker in these situations. However, for the conventional lawn this mower is perfect fit.

The Greenworks 40V 16″ Cordless Push Lawn Mower has been a worthy replacement of my gas-powered model. Its efficient and eco-friendly design, coupled with easy maneuverability and quiet operation, make it a standout choice for homeowners seeking a convenient and sustainable mowing solution. This mower delivers on its promise of hassle-free lawn maintenance.

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