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Our Mission

Welcome to LawnCareLogic, where we believe in the transformative power of a well-tended lawn and the joy it can bring to life. Our mission is to guide, educate, and inspire gardeners and homeowners by sharing our wealth of knowledge, honed over years of hands-on experience in lawn care and landscape management. We aim to become your trusted online resource for all things related to lawn care, landscaping, garden maintenance, and outdoor living.

At LawnCareLogic, we strive to ignite the passion for green spaces in everyone. We hope to empower you with the skills, insights, and confidence to turn your own yard into a sanctuary of serenity and a symbol of personal achievement. Our ultimate goal is not just about cultivating lawns, it’s about growing communities, enhancing environments, and enriching lives through the love of lawn care.

Who Am I?

John Fields, an Iowa native, is a respected name in the world of lawn care and farming. As the founder of, he has become a popular figure within the online gardening community and beyond. Born into a family with deep agricultural roots, John is the proud third-generation farmer of his clan.

John Fields was born and raised on the fertile lands of his family farm in Jackson County, Iowa. From a young age, he was knee-deep in the rich soil, learning the ropes from his father and grandfather. His formative years were shaped by early morning rises, tending to crops, and troubleshooting agricultural machinery. The rigorous farm lifestyle was not only his duty but became his passion, shaping a profound appreciation for the land and the many bounties it offered.

After high school, John chose to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Iowa State University. This formal education supplemented his practical experience, giving him the academic knowledge to back his on-the-ground know-how. After graduation, he returned to the family farm, invigorated with new ideas and sustainable farming methods. Over the years, John’s love for the land began to focus more specifically on lawn care and landscaping. He spent countless hours transforming a part of his farm into a stunning green landscape, which sparked the idea of sharing his extensive knowledge with a larger audience.

In 2023, John founded, a comprehensive lawn care and gardening blog. The platform was designed to provide advice and guidance to both hobbyists and professionals, featuring tips on everything from choosing the right type of grass to employing eco-friendly pest control methods.

The blog quickly gained traction due to John’s authentic approach and vast knowledge. not only provided information but also fostered a community for like-minded people to share experiences, ask questions, and learn from one another. Over time, it has become one of the most trusted online resources in the industry.

John Fields continues to live and work on his family’s farm in Iowa, actively managing With his relentless passion for lawn care, gardening, and farming, John Fields has bridged the gap between tradition and innovation, and his contribution to the agricultural community has proven to be invaluable.

What We Write About

Lawn Care

Here lies the core of our expertise. From basic lawn maintenance, mowing techniques, to more specialized topics such as dealing with pests and diseases, we guide you every step of the way. You’ll find comprehensive articles like “Seasonal Lawn Care Guide: Ensuring Year-Round Greenery” or “How to Repair Bare Patches in Your Lawn.


Designing the perfect outdoor space is both an art and a science. We delve into design principles, plant selection, hardscaping, and maintaining landscapes. Explore posts such as “Landscaping Basics: A Beginner’s Guide” or “Adding Aesthetic Value to Your Home with Landscaping.”

Organic Lawn Care

Promoting environmentally friendly lawn care practices is one of our passions. In this section, you’ll find information on organic fertilizers, natural pest control, composting, and more. Check out articles such as “Guide to Organic Lawn Care: From Soil to Grass.”

Garden & Lawn Decor

Make your outdoor space a reflection of your personal style. We share ideas on garden decor, lighting, outdoor furniture, and creative ways to beautify your lawn. Enjoy posts such as “Garden Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Space.”


Whether you’re an experienced green thumb or a newbie gardener, you’ll find value in our gardening section. We write about plant selection, proper watering, soil enrichment, and propagation techniques. Look out for articles like “Starting a Kitchen Garden: A Comprehensive Guide.”

Lawn Equipment

Quality tools make for an easier, more effective lawn care routine. We review and compare lawn care equipment, from lawnmowers to edgers, sprinklers to leaf blowers, and everything in between. Discover articles like “Choosing the Right Lawn Mower: A Comprehensive Review.”


Responsible water usage is essential in maintaining your lawn and garden. We write about efficient watering systems, drought-tolerant plants, and practices to conserve water. Read articles like “Implementing Water-Smart Practices in Your Garden.”

Seasonal Lawn Care

Every season brings unique challenges and opportunities for lawn care. We guide you through seasonal transitions, helping you keep your lawn vibrant year-round. Find articles like “Winter Lawn Care: Protecting Your Grass in the Cold Months.”

The heart of LawnCareLogic is the in-depth, informative articles you see in these categories above. Our aim is to share the joy of a beautiful lawn and help you get there every step of the way.

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