Where to Buy Corten Steel for That Rustic Landscaping Look

Places to Buy Corten Steel for Rustic Landscaping

To find Corten steel for your rustic landscaping needs, you need to know where to look. Local hardware stores, online retailers, steel distributors, and metal fabricators offer unique solutions for your specific project. Each sub-section has its own benefits and drawbacks, giving you plenty of options to find the perfect source for your project.

Local Hardware Stores

Searching for Corten steel for rustic landscaping? Local hardware stores are a great start. They have accessible locations and a range of products, from steel panels to bolts and welding supplies.

Metal fabrication shops specialize in custom metal designs – including Corten steel. They have advanced equipment and know-how to tailor structures to your needs.

Online retailers offer Corten steel at competitive prices. Easily order and get it delivered to your doorstep! Skip the store and get your rusty metal fix online.

Online Retailers

Adding a rustic touch to your landscaping? Corten steel is the way to go! There are several online retailers with an extensive range of products:

  • Metal Supermarkets – Offers various shapes and sizes of Corten steel, so you can customize your order.
  • Rustic Roofing Supply – Specializes in roofing materials, but also has Corten steel sheets and coils for landscaping.
  • Bobco Metals – 60 years of experience and offers competitive prices.
  • Amazon – The largest e-commerce platform with a wide range of Corten steel from different suppliers.
  • Plantercraft – If you’re looking for planters made from Corten steel, Plantercraft has a beautiful selection.
  • Weathering Steel NYC – Specializes in custom-made Corten steel products such as screens, fire pits and sculptures.

Be aware that some retailers may have minimum order quantities or longer lead times. If you’re on a budget, Amazon is great for comparing prices.

Corten steel is popular due to its unique rusted look and durability. Richard Serra first used Corten steel for his sculpture “The Matter of Time” in 1964. Now, it’s a staple for rustic outdoor design. Get your rustic Corten steel from these suppliers!

Steel Distributors

Steel distributors offer many options to buy corten steel for landscaping projects. Look at the table below for details of reliable distributors, their places, and contact data.

Distributor Location Contact
Industrial Metal Supply Co. Many spots in California, Arizona, and Texas (866) 867-9344
CortenRoofing.com Austin, TX and Salt Lake City, UT (855) 427-4566
Bridger Steel Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota (888) 703-7112

Plus, some suppliers may give custom fabrication services to fit exact design needs. Be sure to ask about shipping and delivery choices too.

Don’t miss the chance to alter your rustic landscape with corten steel. Call one of these dependable distributors today to get started.

Metal fabricators: where steel dreams become a rusty reality!

Metal Fabricators

Metal fabricators are an excellent source for Corten Steel, especially when you want to create rustic landscaping features. They offer custom-made steel sheets and plates and can help design unique pieces for any project.

When selecting metal fabricators for Corten Steel, consider the services they offer. Here’s a table of popular metal fabricators that specialize in customized Corten Steel designs, along with their area of expertise and contact details:

Metal Fabricator Area of Expertise Contact Details
Iron Intentions Interior and exterior designs (555)555-1212
Steel Roots Decor Functional art pieces and garden solutions (555)555-1313
Saxon Metalworks Outdoor furniture, fire pits, planters, and sculptures (555)555-1414

Keep in mind that these companies may also work with other metals like stainless steel or aluminum.

When selecting a metal fabricator for your Corten Steel needs, research factors such as location, experience, pricing, and design capabilities. Ask for references and look at a portfolio of their work to get an idea of their style and quality.

In addition to metal fabricators, there are online retailers for Corten Steel. CortenRoofing.com and MetalDepotInc.com have a wide range of options like panels, sheets, coils, and trim pieces for various landscaping projects.

Overall, there are plenty of places to buy Corten Steel for rustic landscaping. Do research beforehand and select a reliable supplier who can bring your landscaping vision to life. It’s just like dating; you want that perfect mix of strength, beauty, and rust-resistance.

Factors to Consider When Buying Corten Steel

To ensure you get the best Corten steel for your landscaping project, you need to consider several factors. Buying quality steel, choosing the right thickness and size, and keeping cost in mind are some of them. In addition, you need to assess shipping and delivery options before finalizing your purchase.

Quality of the Steel

When buying Corten steel, quality is key. Chemical composition, physical properties, and the manufacturing process all influence quality.

To ensure you get the best corten steel, pick a reputable supplier. They should supply certified material. And, remember to use protective coatings for longevity.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing your Corten steel. You’ll be sure to get unbeatable quality and performance for years!

But, don’t forget about size – why are we so obsessed with measuring everything? Especially when it comes to Corten steel thickness.

Thickness and Size

Thickness & size are key when it comes to Corten steel. These factors affect the strength, durability & appearance of your project. Look at the table below for thickness & size options:

Thickness (inches) Size (inches)
0.100″ 48″ x 120″
0.125″ 48″ x 120″
0.188″ 48″ x 120″
0.250″ 60″ x 144″
0.375″ Custom Sizes Available

But, bear in mind: sizes may vary from supplier to supplier. Always research your options. Custom sizes can give you the exact look & feel you want. Investing in Corten steel is worth it!


Cost is a key factor when acquiring Corten steel. It can be pricey, but it offers long-term advantages. Little maintenance is necessary and it can last up to 50 years or more. The cost depends on size, thickness, and a customized design.

Durability is also crucial to consider. Initially, it may cost a lot, but high-quality Corten steel will save you money in the long-run. Plus, it provides an artistic look due to its rust color.

Remember, the thicker the metal sheet, the higher the price. So, for small art projects, thinner metal sheets will do. Large-scale projects should use thicker metals for stability.

Pro Tip – Get your Corten steel from a dependable supplier. They know how to assess quality and give advice on application and maintenance. Shipping steel can be tricky, but the right delivery options will protect your Corten.

Shipping and Delivery Options

When buying Corten steel, consider shipping and delivery options. Here are some key points:

  • Location: Check if the supplier ships to your area. Some may have limited options or only deliver locally.
  • Delivery time: Ask the supplier about their estimated delivery times. Weather and other issues could affect this.
  • Cost: Shipping costs depend on size, weight and location. Get an estimate upfront.
  • Unloading: Think about how you’ll unload the steel on arrival. You may need help or equipment.

Some suppliers offer expedited delivery or free shipping for larger orders. Also, read customer reviews and research before selecting a supplier.

Pro Tip: Coordinate with your contractor ahead of time to make sure delivery and unloading goes smoothly. Transform your backyard with creative uses for Corten steel in landscaping.

Creative Uses for Corten Steel in Landscaping

To incorporate a rustic, industrial look to your landscaping, you can use Corten Steel. Enhance your garden with garden structures and features, planters, and raised beds. For a neat and trendy exterior, choose Edging and retaining walls to create textures to your garden. For an exemplary aquatic-themed garden, add water features and fountains.

Garden Structures and Features

Corten steel is becoming more popular for outdoor structures and features because of its strength and unique look. Its rusty color adds character and can handle strong weather conditions, making it great for outside. Here are 6 creative uses for Corten steel in gardening:

  • Planters – Corten steel planters will give a cool industrial style and make the plants stand out.
  • Fences – A fence of Corten steel gives a cool, peaceful vibes with its solid design and rustic look.
  • Landscape Edging – Corten steel strips are a cheaper option than traditional edging, providing a modern border for gardens.
  • Birdbaths – Corten steel birdbaths can fit in with nature and provide protection and water for birds.
  • Trellises – Use Corten steel as a framework for climbing plants, making a beautiful feature all year round.
  • Sculptures – Sculptures crafted from Corten steel add depth and beauty to gardens, making stunning backdrops or centerpieces.

Custom lighting systems make each structure visible at night, and no sharp edges mean safety for kids. You can also combine Corten steel with materials like wood and bamboo to highlight its industrial feel. Be on trend with ‘Garden Grunge’ – try Corten steel planters and raised beds!

Planters and Raised Beds

Corten steel planters and raised beds are a great way to add a touch of industrial style to your garden. These durable containers come in various shapes and sizes, like long rectangular troughs and tall cylindrical pots. Raised beds provide deeper soil depths for better drainage and root growth. Plus, Corten steel is incredibly strong and can withstand the elements for years.

These planters and beds can also be used as privacy walls and barriers. Although the initial investment may be higher than traditional options, its longevity makes it worth it. Plus, the rust-like patina that develops over time adds character!

Studies show that adding plants to urban areas has many benefits for public health. With their strength and durability, Corten steel planters and raised beds provide the ideal container for these plants, extending the life cycle of green spaces.

According to Architectural Digest, landscape architect Marc Peter Keane said, “Corten steel enabled us to generate a continuous architectural element through different elevations.” Its ability to serve both form and function make it a popular choice in outdoor design. Who needs a therapist when you can just build a retaining wall out of Corten steel and watch your problems fade into the background?

Edging and Retaining Walls

Corten steel is becoming popular in garden designs because of its special weathering features. Creative ideas for using it include edging and retaining walls – adding a modern, industrial flair to outside spaces.

Edging with Corten steel gives neat and accurate lines between different garden areas. It can be fashioned into various shapes and sizes, providing visual impact. Retaining walls made from Corten steel are functional and eye-catching, keeping soil and rocks in place, and adding texture and color contrast to the garden. Mixing Corten steel with other materials adds depth to the garden design.

Rust-like Corten steel looks like it needs a lot of care, but it’s actually low maintenance. It forms a protective layer over time, shielding against bad weather.

Design ideas for Corten steel include weaving through grass or alongside patio pavers, creating varying heights with multiple layers of sections, and combining with wooden elements like decks and pergolas.

Corten steel takes a garden design to the next level with style and practicality. So, why not add a metal water feature for a metal oasis with a splash of fun?

Water Features and Fountains

Corten Steel Water Features have intricate patterns and details, creating a stunning contrast with the calm flow of water. This raw finish material adds charm to any modern or rustic setting. Designers can pick size, shape and style to suit the client’s wishes and landscape needs. It can brave even tough weather without losing quality or durability. A water feature adds beauty and relaxation in outdoor spaces, such as parks. Designers can use Corten steel tubing or bubblers as fountains, for a contemporary touch. This material lets them experiment with shapes and designs, producing something unique.

Pro Tip: When using Corten Steel sheet metal, weld 1-inch drainage holes/studs for easy installation and maintenance.

Take care of Corten steel in your landscaping – let the rust stay, embrace the weathering, and keep the water and soap far away.

Maintenance and Care for Corten Steel in Landscaping

To maintain and care for your Corten steel landscaping, you need to understand how to deal with rust development and prevention. Cleaning and sealing will help prolong the life of your steel and is an essential part of maintenance. There are also painting and coating options for those wanting to enhance or change the rust appearance.

Rust Development and Prevention

Corten steel has a unique quality – it can rust without corroding. Over time, this natural patina creates a protective layer. To limit rusting, it’s important to watch out for moisture, pooling water, and pollutants in the air. Clean with mild detergents and soft-bristles, then rinse with water. Avoid abrasive materials that can damage the surface.

Be aware that rust can stain other materials or surfaces. Think of the surroundings before placing corten steel structures. Add a drainage system to ensure proper water flow away from unprotected surfaces. To care for corten steel, clean and seal it – give it a spa day!

Cleaning and Sealing

Corten Steel in landscaping is popular due to its attractive look. But, it’s hard to maintain. Cleaning and Sealing is key. Here’s a guide:

  1. Rinse with hose to remove dirt.
  2. Use a cloth or brush with water-vinegar mix to remove remaining dirt.
  3. Let it dry then apply rust neutralizer.
  4. Use a clear coat sealant made for Corten Steel.
  5. Follow manufacturer instructions.

Don’t use abrasive cleaners or wire brushes as they can damage. If there are scratches or dents, fix them with touch-up paint to stop rust.

Taking care of Corten Steel ensures it looks great for years. Don’t miss out on this unique material for your landscaping!

Why paint or coat? Letting Corten Steel rust adds that extra dystopian charm to your landscaping!

Painting and Coating Options

Corten steel is beloved for its rustic, textured look. But if you want to protect it from weathering or moisture, or change its color, painting or coating it is an option.

Powder-coating is a dry finishing process that applies electrostatically charged powder to metal and bakes it on for durable finish.

Clear sealant adds a protective film to prevent damage while keeping the natural look.

Painting with different colors can cover rust or add a decorative touch – think black, gray, white, blue-green and brown shades.

It’s important to use high-quality coatings to avoid delamination and flaking. Choose a coating designed for outdoor use on metal surfaces that can withstand heat cycles, saltwater exposure and UV protection.

Corten steel doesn’t need much upkeep, so think carefully before painting or coating it. However, adding one of these coatings can give your outdoor decor added value and longevity. Spruce up your landscaping with Corten Steel! Rust faster than your teen’s grades!

Popular Corten Steel Products for Rustic Landscaping

To explore the popular Corten steel products that can help you achieve that rustic landscaping look, we present the section: Popular Corten Steel Products for Rustic Landscaping. If you’re looking to add a touch of warmth and character to your backyard, fire pits and chimineas can be a perfect choice. Also, to give your outdoor space a unique aesthetic, decorative screens and panels can be a great option. Furthermore, outdoor furniture and sculptures and artwork crafted from Corten steel can effortlessly blend with the natural landscape.

Fire Pits and Chimineas

Look no further for that perfect outdoor heating equipment! These products have it all – charm, drama, minimalism and even ruggedness.

Product Description
Classic Chiminea Old-world touch plus contemporary style.
Corten Steel Fire Pit Rugged and dramatic backyard addition.
Nova Fire Basket Striking minimalistic outdoor heating.

These products are weather-resistant, durable and easy to maintain. Plus, they upgrade any outdoor setting.

Pro Tip: Complement the rustic look of your Corten steel furniture with warm, earthy tones. Think beige or brown cushions and upholstery. Now you can relax on rust as comfortably as on a couch!

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a must for a charming space. With rustic landscaping’s popularity, folks are turning to Corten steel products to bring warmth and appeal to their outdoors. This type of furniture is sought-after globally due to its ever-changing patina finish and corrosion-resistant nature. Here are some tips to help you pick the best pieces:

  • Think about the size of your area when selecting furniture. Oversized items could clutter small spaces.
  • Pick furniture that goes with your landscape’s colour scheme. Lighter finishes blend with greenery whereas darker ones add depth.
  • Buy versatile pieces, such as benches which can be moved around or dining tables that can double as workspaces.
  • Note maintenance requirements; Corten steel needs minimal upkeep but might need occasional cleaning or touch-ups with sealers or protectants.

Rusty metal makes a splendid decorative screen for gardens and nosy neighbours!

Decorative Screens and Panels

Transform your backyard into a post-apocalyptic wasteland with these edgy Corten steel decorative screens and panels! With a distinctive rusty finish, it adds an industrial look to the landscape. Here are some popular products:

Product Name Dimensions Price
Brundle Gardener Panel 1.8m x 0.9m $200
MINK Flamingo Screen 2m x 1m $350
Deer Scene Screen 2.4m x 1.2m $600

Not only do they provide a rusted elegance, but they are also durable due to their weather-resistant nature. Each product has its unique design and gives off a different vibe- a deer scene screen provides more of a natural aesthetic, while a flamingo screen offers a tropical vibe.

Architects have been praising Corten steel as the top pick for eye-catching facades for commercial buildings, such as the Museum of Mississippi History designed by Dale Partners Architects.

With minimal effort, Corten steel is the perfect material to spruce up your outdoor space!

Sculptures and Artwork

Corten steel is growing in popularity for sculptures and artwork in rustic landscaping. It has a natural, organic feel and can be molded and shaped into an array of designs. Its rusting over time adds character and an ever-changing beauty to the space. Plus, it’s weather-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor display.

A botanical garden in California is a great example of the beauty of Corten steel artwork. Visitors were wowed by the sculptures that had changed in appearance due to their interaction with nature. They loved watching the pieces evolve before their eyes. It only added more charm to the natural setting!

Make sure your rust never sleeps with Corten steel for all your landscaping needs. Durable and trendy, it’s the perfect choice for adding unique character and beauty to any outdoor space.

Conclusion and Final Tips for Buying Corten Steel for Landscaping

Corten steel is great for a rustic look in your garden. Here are three tips for getting the best out of it:

  • Pick the right thickness for toughness.
  • Choose a reliable supplier for quality.
  • Factor in maintenance – it needs to be cleaned and sealed from time to time.

You can also control the corrosion process with water, salt and vinegar mixtures. A customer used it for their outdoor seating area and got loads of compliments.






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