How to Keep Grass From Growing Under Chain Link Fence?


Grass under a chain link fence can be an eyesore. To avoid this, several strategies can be employed. Keep the grass trimmed and use landscape fabric or weed barrier underneath the fence. Chemical herbicides and weed killers can also help inhibit growth.

I once had an issue with grass growing under my fence. Trimming and fabric didn’t work, so I used herbicides. It worked!

To summarise: Regular trimming, barriers, and herbicides can stop grass from growing under a chain link fence. Be diligent and keep your fence in check.

Why does grass grow under a chain link fence?

My friend once had a lush garden with a chain link fence surrounding it, but the grass started pushing through the gaps! Determined to find a solution, she used landscape fabric beneath her entire fence line. The results were amazing – no more pesky grass!

Inspired, I too embarked on a mission to prevent grass growth beneath my chain link fence. Preventative measures such as using landscape fabric or gravel borders, and regular mowing and trimming along the edges of the fence proved extremely successful.

So, if you want to keep your secret lair grass-free, consider these techniques. Install landscape fabric or other materials, and stay proactive with your lawn care routine. Then, you can enjoy a grass-free area and no unwanted guests!

Preventive measures to keep grass from growing under a chain link fence

No more grass growing under a chain link fence! Here are some tips to help keep your fence clean, neat, and grass-free:

  • Regular Maintenance: Check the area often and remove any grass or weeds that pop up.
  • Chemical Weed Control: Apply a non-selective herbicide. Follow safety guidelines!
  • Landscaping Fabric: This creates a barrier to stop weed growth and still allows drainage.
  • Mulching: Spread mulch along the base of the fence. Not only does this suppress weeds, it also retains soil moisture.
  • Edging: Put plastic or metal strips along the edge of the fence and lawn to create a clear boundary.
  • Lawn Mowing Techniques: Trim the grass near the fence at a lower height to prevent blades from reaching under.

It’s important to remember that preventing grass from growing requires regular effort. warns that neglecting weed control can make your chain link fence look unkempt and ugly. So take action and prevent the green invasion!

Natural alternatives for preventing grass growth under a chain link fence

Grass growth near a chain link fence can be a frustration. But, there are natural alternatives that don’t need chemicals or pricey solutions. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Regular maintenance: Mow, edge, and weed the area around the fence regularly to discourage grass.
  • Mulch: Put mulch around the fence’s base to stop sunlight and nutrients from getting to the grass.
  • Vinegar solution: Make a mix of one part vinegar and two parts water and spray it on the grass. Just remember, don’t spray any good plants!
  • Landscaping fabric: Place fabric under the soil to stop grass from growing through.
  • Saltwater solution: Mix salt and warm water and apply it near the fence. Be careful though, too much salt can harm other plants and damage soil.
  • Pet-safe herbicides: Get pet-friendly herbicides to control grass growth around the fence.

Try tailoring these natural alternatives to your needs. Also, boiling water can kill grass without chemicals! Plus, did you know chain link fences have been around since the late 1800s? Now, you know! So, keep unwelcome vegetation away with these tips.

Additional tips to maintain a grass-free environment under a chain link fence

Bid farewell to grass under your chain link fence! Here are five tips to help:

  • Mow the grass nearby regularly to stop it creeping underneath.
  • Apply herbicides or weed killers along the bottom of the fence.
  • Create a barrier using landscaping fabric or plastic sheeting beneath the fence.
  • Install metal or concrete edging along the perimeter of the fence.
  • Consider using gravel or mulch instead of grass.

Inspect and maintain the fence often. Repair any gaps or openings to block vegetation. Excess moisture and shade can increase grass growth. Ensure adequate drainage and trim nearby branches and foliage.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) found preventive measures like these can reduce grass intrusion. A well-maintained, grass-free environment will enhance your fence’s look and lifespan.


We’ve discovered various techniques to stop grass from growing under a chain link fence. These strategies will keep your fence clean and free of vegetation.

One way is to use a weed barrier fabric. This fabric forms a barrier between the soil and the fence, blocking the growth of grass and weeds. Lay it down before installing the fence and it’ll reduce the chances of grass growing.

Regularly trim any grass or weeds near the fence line. This will reduce the opportunity for grass to spread.

Applying an herbicide or weed killer at the perimeter of the fence stops unwanted plants. Choose a safe product, for pets and children, and follow instructions.

It’s interesting to look into history and see how people handled this issue. Ancient cultures put stones or bricks along the perimeter of their fences to prevent vegetation growth. It not only worked, but also had aesthetic appeal. Now we have more advanced methods.

By using these techniques and understanding their history, you can keep grass from growing under the chain link fence while making your property look great!






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