How Many Calories Burned Cutting Grass for 2 Hours?


Mowing grass can be a demanding workout! Want to know how many calories you burn while doing it? Read on to find out!

Cutting grass can be surprisingly effective for burning calories. It uses muscles in your arms, legs, and core. And pushing and maneuvering the lawnmower requires energy. But, the exact number of calories burned depends on things like body weight and how hard you work.

A 150-pound person can burn 408 calories an hour mowing. So, if you do it for two hours, you’d burn 816 calories! That number can change, though, depending on the person and how they handle the mower.

If you want to exercise and do outdoor chores at the same time, mow the lawn! Not only will you have a nice lawn, but you’ll also burn extra calories.

Time to combine mowing and exercise! Get outside and beautify your yard while working out. Who knows, you might even deserve a burger when you’re done!

Calories burned while cutting grass

Calories expended during grass cutting can depend on various factors such as body weight, intensity of the activity, and type of grass. Here is a breakdown of the estimated calories burned while cutting grass for 2 hours:

Body Weight Calories Burned
150 lbs 324 calories
180 lbs 389 calories
200 lbs 432 calories
220 lbs 475 calories

These values are approximate and can vary depending on individual differences. It’s important to note that grass cutting can provide a good cardiovascular workout and contribute to overall physical fitness. Additionally, maintaining proper form and using efficient cutting techniques can help maximize calorie burn.

Pro Tip: To increase the intensity of the workout and burn more calories, you can consider using a manual push mower instead of a motorized one. It requires more effort and engages additional muscles, resulting in a higher calorie expenditure.

Time to find out if cutting grass burns more calories than cutting corners on a diet.

Factors affecting calorie burn

Calorie burn is impacted by various aspects. Intensity of the physical activity is a crucial factor that affects calorie burn when cutting grass. The more effort and motion put in, the more calories burned.

Body weight also matters. Heavier people expend more energy when cutting grass, compared to lighter ones. This is because they need to move their heavier body.

Duration is also important. The longer the cutting, the more calories burned. Age, gender, and overall fitness level can also have an effect.

To get the most out of calorie burn while cutting grass, here are a few hints:

  1. Keep an upright posture and engage core muscles to increase intensity and calorie expenditure.
  2. Use a push mower for more physical effort and more calories burned.

Mixing up movements, like mowing in straight or diagonal lines, engages different muscles and increases calorie burning. Incorporate these suggestions into your grass-cutting routine and your outdoor chore will be efficient and good for burning calories.

Average calories burned per hour

Ever held your lawnmower and stepped out into the sun, thinking about how many calories you’d burn? Let’s investigate!

A person weighing around 155 pounds typically burns between 250 and 350 calories per hour of mowing. But, these numbers can fluctuate depending on individual factors.

Here’s a table to show the average calories burned per hour when cutting grass, depending on weight:

Weight Calories Burned (per hour)
125 lbs 210 – 300
155 lbs 250 – 350
185 lbs 290 – 400

These estimates could change depending on metabolism and muscle mass.

Fun fact! Before machines took over, people spent hours mowing their lawns as a way of exercise. So next time you’re out there, remember that you’re getting a workout and burning calories too. Don’t dread the task, embrace it and add some healthy movement to your day. Who knows, mowing might even replace your gym membership!

Duration of grass cutting

The duration of grass cutting refers to the amount of time spent engaged in this activity. Here are four key points about the duration of grass cutting:

  1. Time spent: Grass cutting involves a certain length of time dedicated to this task, which can vary depending on factors such as the size of the lawn and the equipment used.
  2. Physical exertion: Engaging in grass cutting requires physical effort and can be seen as a form of exercise, contributing to the overall fitness level.
  3. Frequency: The duration of grass cutting can vary depending on how often it is done. Some people may mow their lawn on a weekly basis, while others may do it less frequently.
  4. Impact on calorie burn: The longer the duration of grass cutting, the more calories are likely to be burned. The exact number of calories burned would depend on various factors, including the intensity of the activity.

It is important to note that these details about the duration of grass cutting provide valuable insights into the physical demands and potential health benefits associated with this activity.

In addition to the information provided, it is worth mentioning that the history of grass cutting dates back centuries. Initially done manually with scythes, the process evolved with the invention of lawnmowers in the 19th century. This innovation revolutionized the way grass cutting was performed and made the task more efficient. Over time, technological advancements further improved the capabilities and efficiency of lawnmowers, making grass cutting a more convenient and time-saving activity for individuals.

Get ready to shed those pounds faster than your lawnmower sheds its blades with this calorie-burning guide to grass cutting for 2 hours.

Calorie burn for 2 hours of grass cutting

Calories burned while doing physical activities, such as grass cutting, are important to many. It can vary based on weight, intensity, and the tools used. See the table below for an estimate of the calorie burn for various weights over two hours. Please note that these are approximations and may vary.

Weight Category Calorie Burn (2 hrs)
120-150 lbs 500-600
151-180 lbs 600-700
181-210 lbs 700-800
211+ lbs 800+

These estimates are general. Factors like speed, terrain and intensity affect the actual calories burned. Manual tools, such as push mowers or hand clippers, can result in higher calorie burn due to extra physical effort.

Grass cutting can be an effective form of exercise. Doing regular lawn maintenance is good for fitness and health. So why wait? Get out in your yard and start taking care of the grass! Improve your health while beautifying your surroundings. No need for a gym membership, just break a sweat and make your lawn jealous!

Benefits of cutting grass for exercise

Cutting grass for exercise has lots of perks! It’s a practical way to keep your outdoor space looking nice – plus it offers physical and mental benefits. You can:

  • Strengthen your heart and lungs with the constant movement.
  • Build muscle strength in your arms, shoulders, and chest.
  • Improve coordination and balance while maneuvering around obstacles.
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment.

Plus, you get to enjoy fresh air and sunlight. These natural elements can reduce stress and anxiety. To make the most of your grass-cutting workout:

  • Mix up your speed for interval training.
  • Maintain proper posture.
  • Consider using a push reel mower.

Cutting grass can be fun and beneficial! So, next time you’re faced with an overgrown lawn, pick up your mower and reap the rewards of physical and mental wellbeing. After all, mowing for two hours burns more calories than a break-up!


Wanna know how many calories you burn from cutting grass for two hours? Body weight, activity intensity, and lawn mower type are key factors. Generally, it’s a moderate-intensity workout that can help burn cals and boost your heart health.

No exact count without more info. But, regular activity like this can help manage your weight. So, get your mower out and have a healthy workout!






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